Text Box: Our professional lawn care team has many years of experience mowing and maintaining lawns in Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas.  We use the most up to date equipment available.  We mow with a criss-cross pattern to give your lawn a unique design and to insure the lawn is evenly cut.  Each time mowing is conducted, all grass clippings are blown of the sidewalks and curb lines.
Text Box: We have the equipment to handle any snow situation.  Our equipment ranges from skid loaders to front wheel loaders; from four wheel drive pickups to tandem dump trucks.  We are able to conduct snow clean up and remove it from your property saving you the cost of hiring an additional contractor.  We use on of the most advanced ice melting products in the area.  This is a four blend granular product which leaves no messy residue on carpets or flooring and will not damage or scale concrete, is environmentally friendly to trees and shrubs, and has a lower melting point than other ice melting products.
Text Box: We have the ability to remove heavy sand and other debris that occur after winter or during construction.  Our tenant sweeper is perfect for picking up heavy sand and dirt.  This machine has a totally enclosed brush system that reduces dust.  Our vacuum sweeper is excellent for every day trash and dirt removal,  which has a high volume vacuum that can pick up and remove trash ranging from cigarette butts to glass bottles.  Each time your lot is swept, all sidewalks and curbs are blown clean using a gas powered hand blower.  This ensures all curbline and other areas of your parking lot is clean.
Text Box: Power washing is another great way to help keep that “curbside cleanliness”.  Our portable 5000 pound hot pressure washer is excellent in removing gum and stains normal washing and sweeping dowes not remove.  These types of stains are unsightly and visibly noticeable around building entrances and sidewalks.  It is recommended that businesses with a high volume of traffic be conducted at least once per month.
Text Box: Spring (April—June)
The first treatment is vital in providing the building blocks for continuous growth throughout the year.  The treatment contains a balanced fertilizer providing healthy color and growth.  Additionally, pre-emergence crabgrass control additive, and a broadleaf weed control, eliminates weeds and prevents them from germinating through the season.

Summer (July-August)
Summer conditions pose a threat to the health of your lawn.  Our treatment contains a balanced fertilizer providing optimal nutrition and protection, which ensures a vibrant and healthy lawn.  Treatment for pesky weeds and insect control are provided as needed.
Fall (September—November)
Fertilizing in the fall is critical in replenishing lawn health after the summer.  Fall fertilizing replenishes the growth of new roots for food storage in order to survive the winter and enhance early spring green-up.  Insect and broadleaf weed control is included with this treatment as needed.